Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay...I ran across this picture and thought maybe someone would be interested in seeing our Salsa's glamour shot... Anyone familiar with double yellowheads knows that Chips (our other baby) looks almost exactly like Salsa. Salsa is about 5 and Chips is about 40. We found Chips (originally named Ralph) about a year ago at our bird shop where an elderly couple had left him because they could no longer care for him.

Even though the bird shop owner was dubious about us taking Chips home, we really wanted to give him a place for his remaining years. We brought Salsa into the shop and put them together for an hour or so and they immediately began preening each other. We knew they'd be good friends, and we were right. They are inseperable at home!

We've taught Salsa lots of word and phrases, but our favorite is "Salsa cool guy! Cool guy!" He says it in a low, sexy voice. The most interesting thing Chips does is sing the first four words to the song, "I left My Heart in San Francisco."
When we retire, we plan to own a large RV and do alot of traveling. I would love to hear from people who travel with their bird and how they've adapted for it.